scientifically proven to help: strengthen the immune system, reducing stress levels, lowering lipid and blood sugar levels, balancing immune function and reducing allergy, reducing blood pressure , delaying aging processes, balancing thyroid gland

Uses according to tradition:
  • Adult age support and general maintenance • Exhaustion and weakness
  • Cancer: Prevention and support during treatment • Immune weakness
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome • Persistent stress
  • Metabolic syndrome (diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol)
  • Early recurrence • Impairment of the liver • Impotence (• Heart rhythm disorders
  • Other blood clots • Asthma • Restlessness • Substitutions
  • ADHD
Usage and dosage: one to two tablets – twice daily on an empty stomach – preferably half an hour before eating
Contraindications and warnings – use caution when taking immunosuppressive and / or anticoagulant drugs

Contains: 100 Reishi mushroom extract capsules - 430 mg - Catalog Number 693493078146